Hormone Replacement Therapy

Are you looking for more energy and better sleep? Ready to get your drive and motivation back? Ready to think clearly and get your weight where you’d like it to be?

These are questions that many women seek answers to when they go through perimenopause and menopause. Starting in your mid 30’s, hormone levels begin to fluctuate and decline. Weight gain, fatigue, mental fog and loss of sex drive are just a few of the symptoms that become more significant with hormone imbalance.

Symptoms are the most common reason people are started on hormones. However, the real reason that hormones are prescribed is for protection. As we age, there is increased risk of cardiovascular disease (heart attack, stroke), bone loss (osteoporosis), metabolic dysfunction (insulin resistance) and immune system dysfunction (increased susceptibility to malignancy). Lack of hormones is a big part of why we age and become more susceptible to disease.

Hormone levels that reduce symptoms are not necessarily the levels needed for protection. Two questions then arise: what are optimal levels and how do you know if your hormone levels are protecting you?

A hormone regimen needs to be carefully considered and prescribed on an individual basis. Each person has their own unique health puzzle and the hormone piece that fits into it is unique to them. It is important that a comprehensive workup be done to determine the optimal hormone regimen for your body.

Optimal levels are not the same as the reference range on your labs. Optimal levels are determined by a combination of factors. There are specific levels that are attained that research has shown to provide benefit and protection. Another way to tell if your levels are optimal is by changes in cholesterol and blood sugar control, body composition (loss of visceral fat, increased lean muscle), bone metabolism markers, etc. And finally, how you feel is a strong indicator that your hormone levels are optimized. Better mood, sleep, libido, stamina, focus and concentration, sense of well-being, etc., are achieved when your hormones are balanced and optimized.

There are significant benefits to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). Decades of research has proven the many benefits of hormones. More recent studies show the powerful synergistic effects of a balanced hormone regimen.

Hormones are known for treating the symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes and night sweats. But did you know that they help prevent dementia, stave off osteoporosis and heart disease, prevent atrophy of the brain, decrease visceral fat and help regulate your immune system and metabolism? What medications do this? How many medications would you need to take for these benefits?

The answer is there is no medicine that provides any of these benefits to the degree and as safely as an individualized and balanced bioidentical hormone regimen.

A balanced bioidentical hormone regimen can provide tremendous benefits to you and your health. It is important that you work with a provider that understands the difference between ‘normal range’ values and optimal, knows how to order and evaluate a comprehensive hormone profile and can create an individualized hormone regimen that works for your body.

At Functional Medicine Clinics of Alaska, we have an exceptional expertise in BHRT based on science based knowledge and years of clinical experience. We use specialized functional diagnostic testing to find a balanced regimen that works for you. Many of our clients are able to reduce or get off of medications altogether and live the life they want.

It is a myth that you have to feel poorly as you age. Look like you want, feel as good as you want and regain your vitality. Don’t miss out on the benefits that bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can give to you.

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